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Manifestation expert, Alexander Wilson, used to struggle with the law of attraction until he stumbled upon the science of cymatics.  

Alexander's program elevates cymatics through an  energy orbiting shortcut.  His unique methodology is designed to help people remove limiting beliefs and attract abundance on command. 

My biggest hurdle with the Law of Attraction?
Today, we have the technology and the know-how to move beyond our current limiting beliefs in record time. 

By harnessing the potential of cymatics and energy orbiting, we can transform how we manifest our deepest desires.  

I have found that the hardest part of manifesting is learning to let go of my attachment to the result.  Alexander's program has "magically"  helped me to soften my expectations around the way, "things should be."  

As a recovering, "type-A doer," my biggest frustration with the Law of Attraction has been after I’ve done all the visualizing, taken all the inspired actions, committed to the daily work, and things still aren’t manifesting on the exact timeline I want.

I’ve come to realize that underneath all the frustration, is usually a massive attachment to how I think it all should go. (And how I need these desired results, now!) Can you relate?

Alexander's program has helped me to let go of the attachment and restore my confidence that I'm vibrationally synchronized with the universe at all times.  

I'm now finding, when I really surrender, the Universe surprises me with something even better than I could have ever planned for.

So if you’re thinking about what else you can do to create what you want, it just might be time to let go of when, how and where you think it will show up, and focus on synchronizing your vibrations with the limitless abundance of the universe.  

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